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 Job Search Training Session ($80)

"How to find employers looking for your skills and experiences" 

The session offers a framework for understanding what jobs are available and will provide a practical walk through the job search process.

You will learn practical and easy to use proactive job search concepts and techniques that will better position you to successfully find employers looking for your skills and experiences.

The session offers specific approaches to empowering you to develop your unique and tailormade search strategy and how to successfully implement it. You will learn effective techniques and preliminary steps to take for a successful search. The sessions enable the you to realistically align their skills and experiences with employers who are seeking the skills and experiences you have to offer them.

There will be practical training and learning sessions what will offer you job search insights and job search techniques and tools. The focus is on ways and means of deciphering the job search process and how to present yourself as the candidate of choice to employers.

-          Offers an overview of the types of jobs and careers available with the skills and experiences you have to offer
-          Offers tips on how to build a better resume
-          Offers tips on how to find employment In a decentralized and fragmented job market
-          Offers tips on practical and proven job search techniques

The Job Search Context:
Practical discussion and instruction includes:
-          Targeting national and international agencies and jobs
-          Effective search, marketing and networking techniques
-          Best techniques for advertising your qualifications to an international employer
-          The presenter will respond to specific job search needs and questions
-          Summary handouts will be provided

Requires a telephone/skype connection with a simultaneous web connected computer. The session is one hour

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