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Resume/CV Enhancement Training ($80.00)

"write a better and more compelling resume that wants to be read from top to bottom" 

If you are sending out résumés and not receiving requests to interview, your resume in not working for you.

Have our experts teach you how to effectively write a compelling resume that accurately presents and reveals your skills and experiences for the types of jobs and employers who can make best use of your abilities and interests.

The Résumé Review Session (Part 1) offers a critical and constructive assessment of the résumé and LinkedIn profile along with practical suggestions for improvement. 

The message of our service is there are plenty of jobs to be had in the international arena. You can find the job you desire and that best suits your skills and experiences by following our simple, practical and logical insights and suggestions.

The Résumé Review Service focuses on a universal portfolio concept that capitalizes on the strengths of the job-seeker and gives opportunity to discuss how to best market the total experience of the job seeker. Job seekers will come away with effective and successfully proven resume presentation concepts and strategies that will position them to be the candidate of choice.

The review training process provides feedback and revisions based on the existing résumé/cover letter that you submit. Our reviewers will make suggestions to strengthen the narrative and presentation of the résumé or cover letter. With the editing/review process: 

Part 1 (30 minutes) – A conversation with an instructor reviewing your current résumé, job goals and employment expectations.  

Part 2 (30 minutes) A review of your updated résumé , cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Our process is interactive. Our resume reviewer will spend an hour on the phone with you and train you to edit your résumé. The reviewing process is interactive and our team of professionals will go back and forth with you to ensure that your resume provides you with your best possible presentation for your job search. 

Have our experts review your resume and train you on how to best present your case as a job seeker most forcefully and clearly.
Submit your résumé and schedule a telephone/Skype appointment with one of our advisors. The training session is intended to take the job seeker to the point of the interview. 

  • There will also be practical instruction on current employment trends in the industry.
  • The advisor will introduce the concept of the “portfolio résumé” as a way for you to capture all your skills and experience.
  • How agencies make employment decisions
  • How to accurately identify employment and staffing needs
  • How to best advertise your qualifications to an international employer
  • The advisor will explain which cover letters and resumes are most effective and why
  • The advisor will responded to specific résumé and cover letter questions.
  • The advisor will help you enhance your LinkedIn profile
  • The advisor will help you develop a personal business card for distribution
  • The session will provide summary handouts
  • For a preliminary discussion of your needs and our resume training services, please click the button below.