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Career Coach Session ($100.00)

"How to find employers looking for your skills and experiences" 

Telephone or video chat coaching can provide a cost-effective, intensive and focused alternative to face-to-face meetings. Some of our best work can be done over the phone allowing us to get straight to the heart of the matter.  A confidential and relaxed space where you can do some uninterrupted and really focused thinking. There’s no travel involved, so kinder to the environment and the pocket.  Any of the one-to-one sessions can be tailored to work on the phone. A face-to-face introduction and initial session can be arranged, with further sessions conducted by phone if this is your preference. A telephone coaching session usually lasts an hour.

You could be a young adult who has just finished your studies or gap year and are now looking for focus around career direction. Do you sometimes think that an objective and empathetic third party could be of help? A coach can help young adults to mid-career professionals explore what matters most to them and help them to shape a realistic plan for the future. As a coach I would not tell you what I think you ought to do or advise you on particular career choices. I will work with you to explore your key strengths and enable you to think how they might be put to best use. You will work with me towards achieving a fulfilling and happy career and make the right choices the first time.

Are you someone who wants to change your career direction and need some space to carefully think through your options. Or maybe you know where you’re heading but unsure of next steps? A coach will enable you to form a personal action plan, tap into your inner resources and become inspired, motivated and organized.  Be sure you are making the most of your all your skills and experiences, as your coach works with you to make over the look and content of your resume/CV. Or how about starting from scratch? The blank sheet won’t look so daunting when we work through it together. Showing you proven and understandable techniques for maximum effect, your coach will enable you to create a personal resume that positions you for success. 

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