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How It Works

1. Choose a service
Below are a list of services you can choose from. It is recommended that you begin by having your résumé reviewed by clicking on Résumé Build & Critique below. If you have had a review in the last year, one of the other services is a great next step in your employment journey.

2. Schedule a Session:
A coach will contact you within one business day to confirm a time regarding your session.

3. Prepare: 
If you have requested a video session, please test your connection and log in a few minutes early. If this is a phone session, we will call you at your confirmed time. Either way, we can't wait to assist you!

Résumé/CV Critique ($10)

Our job search instructor will spend 20 minutes on the telephone or video chat with you discussing how resume is or is not marketing your skills and abilities and pros and cons of your current resume/CV as viewed by potential employers and readers of your resume/CV. 

Job Matching Services ($10 introductory Session)

Personalized Recruiter Recommendations from 100% real humans, No Bots. Where you can talk to an expert recruiter to further fine-tune your curated job matches.


What we offer:

We offer a collaborative, efficient and individualized way for you to identify and apply to well matched jobs, search firms, and organizations that can make immediate use of your skills and abilities. You will be utilizing the knowledge of a seasoned recruiter who has years of experience matching  jobs and candidates plus having the range of tools and techniques for sourcing well-targeted jobs, organizations and search firms uniquely qualified for you, your skills and your abilities.

Who we can assist:

We assist early, mid, and senior career candidates in identifying appropriately targeted jobs, search firms and their recruiter contacts, and well-matched organizations that can make immediate use of your skills, abilities and interests.

What you get:

Each week you will receive available jobs, search firms, and targeted organizations that uniquely match your skills, abilities and interests. You can also speak with a recruiter to fine-tune your curated matches.


Services can be purchased for a week, month, quarter, half year, or a year.

Fees for a: week ($30), month ($100), Quarter ($250), 1/2 year ($450) and year ($850)

Resume/CV Enhancement Training ($80)

The résumé/CV enhancement training session provides résumé enhancement training, revisions and feedback based on the existing résumé/cover letter that you submit. Our Reviewers will make suggestions to strengthen the narrative and presentation of the résumé or cover letter. With the editing/review process: 

Part 1 (30 minutes) – A conversation with an instructor reviewing your current résumé, job goals and employment expectations. 

Part 2 (30 minutes) A review of your updated résumé and cover letter

Our process is interactive. Our resume reviewer will spend an hour on the telephone or video chat with you and train you to edit your résumé. The reviewing process is interactive and our team of professionals will go back and forth with you to ensure that your résumé provides you with your best possible presentation for your job search.

Job Search Training ($80)

A one hour conversation with an instructor on how to conduct a more proactive job search and learn techniques that will better position them to access the job market.

Our process is interactive. Our job search instructor will spend an hour on the telephone or video chat with you discussing how to become proactive in your job search, and where you will fit in in the job market. The focus is on ways and means for deciphering the international development job search process and how to present yourself as the candidate of choice to employers.

Resume/CV Formatting Service ($90)

  • A GlobalResume instructor will format your resume or CV in a MSword and/or PDF format.
  • We will format your current resume CV in a standard and conventionally business appropriate style.
  • We will give you tips and suggestions to improve upon your resume (no cost). 
  • You be able review our reformat of your resume and if you wish, you can send it back to us for one additional formatting during the current session.
  • Your resume satisfaction is most important to us. 

Coaching Session ($100)

Working with you to explore your key strengths and enable you to think how they might be put to best use.  The goal is to achieve a fulfilling and happy career by making the right choices the first time. 

A one hour session via the telephone or video chat to look at your options and form a personal action plan that taps into your inner resources.

This process is interactive with the advisor helping you develop and implement an action plan and become organized as you change career paths or are unsure of where your best placement lies.  You will achieve a sense of direction with the help of an industry professional.