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You want to know how to write a better résumé and how to effectively write a compelling resume that accurately presents and reveals your skills and experiences for the types of jobs and employers who interest you?

Job Search:

You want to know which agencies and organizations are looking for your skills and experiences. You want to know what jobs these organizations have and how to put your resume in front of the hiring manager?  How do you find employers who are looking for you? Who can show me where and how to look for jobs and employers more effectively?


Are you someone who wants to change your career direction and need some space to carefully think through your options. Or maybe you know where you’re heading but unsure of next steps? A coach will enable you to form a personal action plan, tap into your inner resources and become inspired, motivated and organized.

Resume and Job Search Workshops

(2 or more participants) Presenters have given formal workshops at the graduate school level to The Monterey Institute of International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Yale University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, The New School – Melano School of International Studies, Fairfield University and City College, New York City.